About Beautiful Smiles Family Dental Center

Why Choose Us?

The following section will help you to get to know Beautiful Smiles Family Dental Center. By reading this section, you will become familiar with Dr. Graver, our staff, our hours of operation, and our location. Even so, you might be asking yourself what truly makes us different. There are many things, but the best way is for you to read our innovative “Patients First Promise”. We think you will like it and us immediately.

Our Promise

Beautiful Smiles Family Dental Center promises to provide:

  • dental care of the highest quality with brilliant results in a diverse, professional, patient-centered environment.
  • tools, knowledge, and expertise so that all patients can make informed, educated decisions about their oral health.
  • an open, non-judgmental approach to decision making that gives each patient the opportunity to develop the smile of his or her dreams.
  • an atmosphere of strong ownership by each patient.
  • collaboration with stakeholders who share this ownership attitude – including insurance companies, laboratories, suppliers, and the like.
  • a practice that exceeds our ethical obligations.

Our Expectations

We expect each patient to:

  • appreciate and value dental care of the highest quality with brilliant results.
  • welcome diversity and to nurture it.
  • act maturely and responsibly in all aspects related to his or her oral hygiene.
  • come with an open mind when discussing treatment plans – plans that are prescribed for each patient’s unique oral health needs.
  • have dental goals or dreams – whether straight teeth, a whiter smile, or simply clean teeth.
  • understand and appreciate that we take his or her oral health seriously, and that we work only with those businesses who share our “patients first” philosophy.